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Yaseen Foundation purchased a community center in 2013 to accommodate the needs of our growing community. This building was acquired to provide our community with a place to hold larger events, an in-house Sunday school, greater opportunities for youth and adult education, and strengthen our community engagement. With your generous support, we have been able to pay off $2,050,000 of the interest-free loan, and have $700,000 remaining to be paid. Of this remaining amount, $400,000 will be due in August 2017, and $300,000 will be due in August 2018.


Our current permit allows us to hold small functions and events. In 2016, we received a Conditional Use Permit for a Community Center from the city of Burlingame. That permit allows us to hold a wide range of events, including a measured number of larger activities. We are extremely excited for this permit. Our next step is to renovate the building and bring it up to legal code in order to comply with the requirements of the Community Center Conditional Use Permit and enhance the function and appeal of the facility to meet our community’s needs. Until we perform the required improvements, we will continue to use the building according to the limits of current permit.


We need your help and support to do this. The estimated cost of renovation is $500,000. This amount would cover:

  • Upgrading the building to current building standards, including handicap accessibility and improving our fire sprinkler system
  • Improving floor plan and amenities to comply with the Conditional Use Permit and to accommodate Yaseen’s various functions such as: Friday and Ramadan prayers, social events, educational events, Sunday School, seminars, and more
  • Parking lot grading and surfacing to accommodate handicap accessibility requirements and proper function
  • Installing state of the art classrooms, large event hall, office, media room, cafe, and gym

Yaseen Burlingame Center (YBC)

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