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Yaseen Foundation rests on the shoulders of volunteers. Everything from events management to building permits is done by various committees. Among the dedicated groups of volunteers are the Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, and Shura Council. Each member of these three groups is elected by the Foundation’s members to carry out the functions of the organization.

If you have seen suspicious activity, please let us know by filling out this form.

General Inquiries
Zakah Committee
Marketing Inquiries
Shura Council or Family matters
Interfaith Inquiries
Al-Iman Islamic School

Executive Committee

To contact the Executive Committee as a group, please email

Nyla Ibrahim
Ishaq Asfour
Vice President
Diana Demchenko

Board Of Trustees

To contact the Board of Trustees as a group, please email

Shura Council

When the Shura Council is sought for Islamic legal advice, we consult with other scholars and take into account differences of opinions. Yaseen Foundation is inclusive of all Muslims and does not lean toward any particular madhhab.

Ali Shehadeh
Chairman of Yaseen Foundation
Gomaa Abdelsadek
Imaam of Yaseen Foundation

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