Islamic funeral services are conducted by Yaseen Foundation. What can Yaseen do for you?

  • Wash the body Islamically
  • Arrange for the congregational funeral prayer
  • Shrouding (kafan) and a casket
  • Assist in providing burial plot

When you contact the funeral representative to seek advice, arrange for paperwork and cemetery plot, please have the following information available:

  • Determine if the dying person has any preferences for people who will carry out the Ghusl (washing) and Kafan (burial cloth). If there is none, then the next of male kin to males, and next of female kin to females should be available to perform the Ghusl.
  • When talk to the funeral director prepare the following information for the dying person to facilitate the process of obtaining the death certificate and help in finalizing the paperwork:
    • Social Security Number
    • California Drivers License #
    • Address
    • Employment Status
    • Phone Number

If the death occurred over the weekend, contact the doctor or hospital to determine if the hospital can store the body over the weekend. Please note that a death certificate must be obtained prior to burial from the County office. Most County offices are open only during weekdays and for a few hours on Saturday. Furthermore, the cemetery does not typically open graves and allow burials on Sundays. As such, in the event of death on Saturday, the burial may have to wait until Monday afternoon.

Note : It typically takes about 2 to 3 hours to make all the arrangements at a minimum (obtain death certificate, open the grave, arrange the transportation). As such, a person can be buried on the same day if the death occurred prior to 8 AM. If the death occurred after that time, the arrangements will be typically made for burial the next day.

Typically the Janaza prayer is performed right after the Dhuhr prayer (12:30 PM in winter months or 1:30 PM during daylight savings time). The Ghusl is typically performed before the Janaza prayers (around 11 AM or 12 Noon).

Yaseen Foundation also offers financial help to families who’ve lost loved ones and are having financial difficulties covering the costs. If your family finds itself in that situation, please inform our listed representative.

Please contact Ezzeldin (Dean) Abualhasan for questions and inquiries at (650) 867-6099 or

Please refer to the General Islamic Funeral Guidelines for details regarding general practices.