Yaseen Foundation performs marriage ceremonies (nikkah, kitab, aqd) at the Belmont Masjid, Burlingame Center, or an offsite location of your choosing. Please contact us at least two weeks prior to the date of the marriage, to ensure availability and proper protocol. Prior to contacting us, please ensure that a marriage license has been obtained from San Mateo County. The process is as follows:

Prior to the marriage ceremony:

  • Obtain a marriage license from San Mateo County.
  • Discuss and agree on the designated gift given to the bride (maher).
  • Contact an imaam or designated scholar to discuss legal compliancy, maher, and other details. You may contact Dr. Gomaa Abdel Saadek by emailing him at shura@yaseen.org to schedule an appointment.
  • Discuss who will take part of being the guardian for the bride (wali). If the bride represents herself then a guardian is not required. The ideal wali is the bride‚Äôs father. If the father is absent, alternatives should be discussed with Dr. Gomaa.

Marriage ceremony:

  • Prepare and official copy of the marriage license to be given to Yaseen Foundation for records keeping.
  • An Imam or other designated scholar will conduct the marriage ceremony.
  • Two Muslim male witnesses and a guardian of the bride (wali) must be present. If the bride represents herself then a guardian is not required.
  • A marriage certificate will be signed by the imaam or designated scholar, wali, and two Muslim male witnesses. The certificate will include the maher and any other details. A copy of the certificate will be given to the bride and groom, and a copy will be kept with Yaseen Foundation for records keeping.
  • The person performing the ceremony will sign the official county marriage license. This person will mail that license to the country to register the marriage with the state of California.

For questions or inquiries, please contact Dr. Gomaa Abdelsaadek at shura@yaseen.org or the Executive Committee at ec@yaseen.org.

Please refer to the General Islamic Marriage Guidelines for details regarding general practices.