Interfaith & Neighbors

Yaseen Foundation collaborates with various faith communities to strengthen bonds of friendship, work on noble causes, and promote an accurate understanding of Islam. Among our partners and projects are:


  • Open Mosque Day: This program consists of a brief presentation that addresses misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, followed by an open Q&A session. Its focus is to promote unity, understanding, and peace by building bridges in our community. This program is held at our Belmont location on a Friday night each month. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter about upcoming Open Mosque events. 

Location : Yaseen Foundation Mosque
621 Masonic Way,
Belmont, CA 94002

  • Solidarity Network: A network of congregations, schools, businesses, families, and individuals on the San Francisco Peninsula that is acting for safety and solidarity, protecting the vulnerable within our community, standing for one another when threatened, and calling each other and our public servants to our highest common values. If you are interested in joining the Solidarity Network, please sign up here.


  • Peace Camp: This camp is hosted by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim communities that have teamed together to create an interfaith summer camp for children with the focus on connection practices where everyone matters. The teachings focus on building relationships and bridges through fun, experiential activities that teach the basics of each faith and celebrate common values. This unique experience is an opportunity to share, learn, befriend, and build a greater understanding between Faith-based traditions.

Anyone interested in volunteering with our Interfaith Committee and facilitate events, please contact