Yaseen Foundation is a Muslim community-based organization located in San Mateo county. We welcome all Muslims to our community, regardless of background, culture, madhab, or sect, and all people of other faiths. Our mission is to serve the religious, educational, and social needs of San Mateo residents, as well as conduct interfaith work with our neighbors.

Our activities include:

  • Daily Prayers
  • Sunday School for Children Ages 5-12
  • Adult Classes and Learning Circles
  • Jum’ah/Friday Prayer (at the Belmont Sports Complex)
  • Sisters’ Activities and Events
  • Community Dinners and Social Events
  • Interfaith Programs
  • Ramadan and ‘Eid Celebrations
  • 2nd Harvest Food Distributions
  • Zakah/Charity Programs
  • Janaza/Funeral┬áServices

Yaseen Foundation was founded in late 1999 and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our physical space includes a masjid in Belmont, CA as well as a community center in Burlingame, CA.

Anyone is welcome to join our community as general attendees or register as members.

More Links:

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